Dante and the Bear of Brooklyn

Based on a true story

Bookseller Dante, well-read and our friend,

Had carried a secret, could only pretend

That he had no ill-will, no desire to end

The bear in his bookstore in Brooklyn.

Now Bear loved the kids books, and he’d held his own

On the floor from day one. His stature had grown.

His own sort of vanguard of sales, he was known

As the bear in the bookstore of Brooklyn.

When plague came upon us, a COVID outpouring,

You’d think he’d have changed his routine, in good sporting.

But Bear kept on beckoning, hugging, absorbing

The love of the children of Brooklyn.

We were in lockdown, but Bear had got flaunty

Hugging kids, spreading those germs in flagrante.

That was the final countdown for Dante

As well for our old Bear of Brooklyn.

Unwashedness pushed Bear right to the edge

Of cleanliness. Dante watched, thoroughly incredg’,

Like Anthony Hopkins, his very own Edge.

“I’m gonna KILL THE BEAR, in Brooklyn!”

His moment had come! It’s time Bear had died!

He stepped on the floor to claim his foul hide.

An ultimate shadow, not long to abide

By this filthy old bear in Brooklyn.

“Get in the bag” he said, “I’ve had enough.

Consider this merely an altr’istic snuff”

As he opened the plastic and stuffed in the scruff

Of that filthy old bear of Brooklyn.

Bear was surprised by this sudden abduction.

He pleaded to move his fate to discussion.

“No” answered Dante. “You’re way too disgustin’

And I’m kicking you straight out of Brooklyn

To the still river waters of Brooklyn.

You’re a filthy old bear in Brooklyn!”

Illustrator — BKN — Watching the story unfold — Drawing only what I see.

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